Mission Statement

The collaboration between Consulting-Geo and ModEM Geophysics Inc. strives to make 3D modelling and inversion of Magnetotelluric data accessible to all by providing Cloud-Based Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS).

ModEM on the cloud

To accomplish this, we have created a web-based framework which integrates a user-friendly interface, the ModEM 3DMT inversion code, and high-performance cloud computing.


Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and a Fair game for all

Our Services

3D modelling of EM data

Do you have MT data and need tools for 3D inversion, to improve interpretation? You are in the correct place! Our core service provides clients with all infrastructure needed for state-of-the-art 3D inversion and interpretation of MT data: software (including user Interfaces and the ModEM 3D inversion code) and all hardware resources required for fast and efficient 3D modelling.

Your Options

Do It Your Self

  • Do you want to create and manage your own multi-project database, providing access to data and results from anywhere?
  • Do you want to explore your MT datasets in 3D on your own, with FULL control of the process from A to Z?
  • This is the right option for you.

    Based on your data, user interfaces suggest inversion setting and model discretization. Limited consulting available at modest cost to help clients get the most out of their data

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    Full Inversion Service

    You lack experience (or time) to “do it yourself”?
    NO Problem:
    Simply send us your data and our expert team will take care of all the inversion mechanics. In an interactive way, our expert team will work with you to converge to a solution that fits the data, incorporates your special knowledge, and answers your exploration questions.
    Drop us a message on your special needs.

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    Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

    As a valued customer, we will always strive for timely delivery of a high-quality solution that meet your requirements. Contact us anytime if you have questions or specific requirements. All feedback and input are highly appreciated.

    Security of your data

    We use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure secure transfer of data and results.

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    Code optimization and stability

    We continue to work on optimizing modelling and inversion algorithms to provide you with state-of-art capabilities for 3D interpretation.

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    State-of-Art computation resources

    We strive to provide you with the fastest CPU’s to minimize runtime, and maximize your productivity. Our Providers include. Our Providers include:

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    User interface

    A comprehensive user interface makes model setup, and result visualization fast, flexible, and easy.

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    Acknowledging the risk of working with highly confidential data on the cloud, we have made the security of your data our #1 priority. Your data will reside in a database secured by the latest Microsoft technologies. All sensitive areas on the user interface are secured by SSL technology. Data from the user interface to the cluster and vice versa are encoded and transferred using sFTP. Accessing the cluster and communications between various virtual machines is secured by SSH-Keys and passwords.



    To enhance security and ensure confidence in our service, we work with world-leading providers of cloud computing. Our providers include, Google Cloud Platform, Azure on Microsoft and Profit Bricks (hosted in Germany). Working with several providers gives us the flexibility to switch at any time to a platform which can provide the high performance computational resources needed to complete your jobs on time.


    The core of our product is the ModEM (short for "modular EM") code developed at Oregon State University. ModEM is a modular inversion system, with model parameters, forward code, observation functional, and inversion search algorithms meant to be interchangeable. The code has been mostly used so far for 3D inversion of MT data. The free academic version has over 250 registered users (worldwide), and at least 50 publications in the referred literature cite use of ModEM in studies at a range of scales around the globe.
    The developer's team of ModEM continues to work intensively on adding new features in the code. This include:

    • Adding new methods for solving the forward problem more efficiently.
    • Implementing new regularization approaches.
    • Adding new parallelization layers, to allow faster runs and larger grids.
    • Extension to allow for inversion of a broader range of EM data types (e.g., CSEM, DC-Geoelectric, ZTEM, etc).


    User interface

    The front-end of is a user-friendly interface which includes many functions and options to facilitate visualizing and editing input data and model grids. A central component of the user-friendly interface is a comprehensive database that allows you to manage all your projects in one place and have access to the data and results from anywhere and on any device.
    3D visualization of 3D inversion results is essential to insightful interpretation. For this purpose, we provide extensive tools, based on a variant of the WebGL libraries, which allow interactive 3D visualization as well as integration with other geological and geophysical constraints.
    Some of the 3D visualization features can be seen on the price estimator.

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    Our Team

    Dr. Naser Meqbel

    Dr. Naser Meqbel received his master degree in geophysics from Cologne University (Germany) and obtained the Doctoral title from Freie University of Berlin in collaboration with the Research Centre for Geoscience-Potsdam, Germany (GFZ). His main research topics include 2D and 3D modelling of electrical and electromagnetic data. Together with Prof. Egbert, he is also a developer of ModEM code. In addition to his scientific contributions, he has worked as a consultant for 3D EM methods for geothermal and mineral exploration firms worldwide.

    Prof. Gary Egbert

    Prof. G. Egbert (Oregon State University; OSU) is the single-most recognized pioneer on magnetotelluric data processing and modeling and in 2015 received the honor of AGU Fellow. He has published over 100 papers, which have been cited over 10,000 times. He has worked extensively in MT data processing, developing novel multivariate array processing methods. He also is the lead developer of the ModEM code.


    For those who would like; the Full Inversion Service option

    Review and quotation

    Drop us an Email and tell us about your specifications and requirements. We closely review your project and issue you a quotation of cost,with a rough estimate for the time required to accomplish the task.

    1nd Step

    Starting the task

    Once you accept our quotation send us the data in the format you have. The EDI data format is a standard, but we can accommodate any other (documented) format you have.

    2rd Step

    Getting familiar with the data

    We strongly believe that the first step towards getting a good inversion results is to understand the data. Therefore, our team will start analysing the data to get the first feeling on what would be expected from the inversion. This step is also important for choosing the best inversion setting; including the background resistivity model. Some further discussion with you may also be important at this stage.

    3th Step

    First results

    Based on our initial look at the data, the spatial distribution of the sites and our experience we choose the optimum inversion setting and model discretization to get the first inversion results and share them with you.

    4th Step

    Getting your feedback

    We share the initial results with you, and get your feedback. Based on your comments and suggestions we do additional runs to refine results, and further explore your dataset.

    5th Step

    Iterative process

    Steps 4 and 5 are iterated until we converge to a solution that meets your requirements and expectations.

    What our customers and partners say

    Your feedback is important to us

    "We have worked with ModEM 3D modeling and inversion for now almost 8 years. First through a joint project with Drs. Meqbel and Egbert and then by becoming their agents when the formed a formal company. KMS Technologies is one of the leading hardware providers with emphasis on elect.
    The software is the leading 3D modeling and inversion software for magnetotelluric modeling and inversion. It has over 250 users globally. While Gary and Nasser spend a significant amount of time developing and supporting academic users, they also provide support to commercial users. We have sold their licenses several times and have a customer in Turkey who is even running on our cluster.
    In all cases training and getting started has become seamless witnessed by several customers that use the software now for more than 4 years. There have been only praises with literally ZERO complaints. Because the software is so widely used it is also benchmarked better than anybody else’ software."
    Dr. Kurt-M. Strack
    KMS Technologies - KJT Enterprises Inc., USA
    "We have used ModEM in 18 field surveys that consists of total 2065 MT stations for geothermal exploration.
    Three-dimensional models derived from ModEM delineate well the conductive anomalies related with hot fluid circulation and lead to successful drill holes for production.
    We are grateful to Consulting-GEO (Naser Meqbel) and ModEM Geophysics (Gary Egbert) for their continuous support and fast response that is much valuable to meet the time-schedule of projects."
    Prof. Ahmet Tugrul Basokur
    Lemnis Geosciences Ltd., Turkey
    "This is a revolution in EM modeling. It is easy to invert your data everywhere and on every computer. As Energy Holding, we have been using ModEM for 5 years. We obtained valuable results which are also supported by productive boreholes. We inverted more than 5000 stations of MT data using ModEM. After the webapp released, it is very easy now to invert large number of parameters with unlimited memory and cores."
    Erhan Erdoğan
    Energy Holding, Turkey
    "We routinely rely upon ModEM for 3D MT inversion applied to many geothermal exploration projects carried out through East Africa and Indonesia. The software allowed us to successfully invert big MT datasets, with more than 200 MT stations. ModEm personnel provided us MT inversion services and assistance at high-level competence and affordable costs. Besides, the job can be done with very tight schedule and at any time."
    Dr. Daniele Rizzello
    Tellus SAS, Italy

    App Pricing


    • Input Specifications:

    • Input Specifications:

    • Input Specifications:

    Price estimator

    Price estimator

    Estimating the runtime, hence, the price for inversion of a real data set is not an easy task. However, based on extensive experience with many inversions runs (right chart) we can provide a statistical estimate of the required runtime, based on information you provide, to give you a rough idea of the expected price.

    Chart shows runtime vs the number of model parameters. For this chart, we only used inversion runs that have been converged to acceptable RMS values.

    Charging scheme and Payment Terms


    Monthly invoicing covers resources consumed from the first to the last day of the month. Jobs that span two invoicing cycles are assigned to the billing cycle the job start falls in. For example, an inversion run starting on 29.03.2017 at 13:00 (GMT) and ending on 02.04.2017 at 17:00 will be included in the March billing cycle, and will be added to all runs occurring in March for calculation of any discount that may apply. Invoices for a given month will be issued after all jobs started in that month are completed.
    Talk to us if you have special requirements to fit the billing cycle to your financial and administrative requirements.

    Charging method

    Our busniss is based on "Pay-As-You-Go" scheme. You pay only for the time in which you used the WebApp and the underlying hardware resources. Clients are charged on an hourly rate.

    Payment Options

    • Bank transfer.

    • For your convenience, we are working on implementing a Credit Cards payment method.

    Payment Terms

    Payment conditions: Up to 30 days after invoice issuing date. Additional 2% discounts on the total invoice for "Early Bird" payments; within the first 10 days after the issuing date.

    Contact Us

    Contact us at one of the following addresses or simply drop us a message :

    Bregenzer Str. 16
    10707 Berlin, Germany
    Phone: +49 (0)152 336 456 69
    Email: meqbel@modem-geophysics.com
    ModEM-Geophysics, Inc.
    7605 NW Skilings Dr.
    Corvallis, OR, 97330, USA
    Email: egbert@modem-geophysics.com


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